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January 14, 2013

ThreeSided Studios Supports Local Businesses

From "SF Worklife Weekly" -- ThreeSided Studios is based in Santa Rosa, California, offering web design to the Bay Area and beyond . Headed by longtime technology and web veteran Adam Aragon.

"We'd like to help the little guy" says Adam Aragon in regards to his companies mission to provide clean and simple low cost sites that are 'all inclusive' for their small business initiative.

"I know firsthand how hard it is to start a business. Especially starting out from scratch" Adam and ThreeSided studios have developed several packages targeted directly at new and local businesses in the Bay Area (and beyond) who simply don't have time to dedicate to learning the ins and outs of web design, social media and above all don't have the budget to get the kind of web presence they would prefer. ThreeSided Studios is offering all-in-one solutions that include a domain ( hosting services, a high-end mobile friendly interface along with email and all the trimmings. This allows businesses with no site, or a website they feel is out of date, or just not doing what they want it to do, to purchase a comprehensive solution where they just pay one fee, one time.Business owners who have gone through the web design process often become frustrated with hidden fees, extras, and mostly a lack of knowledge. Adam Aragon relates this with a unique analogy "It's like buying a car, there's time, energy, research and comparison that goes into the process - but without a working knowledge of the web you're probably overpaying and quite possibly getting a bunch of stuff you don't need and missing out on things you do." With a dedicated group of local-minded web professionals, ThreeSided distills the process to become all about the business. This means you just tell them about your company, your logo, your history and your goals. They take care of the rest.Of course, not everyone is happy with a cookie cutter solution, which is why they offer customized solutions all the way up to the corporate level. "You can get involved as much as you want, from letting us do all the work to a side-by-side collaboration to strengthen and identify your brand, your style and your place in the community"-- Published December 2012 // SF Worklife Weekly

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