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The things we do best

Here's some of our highlights and methodologies.

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Technical stuff

Need to setup your email? Newsletter? Hosting? Online Menu System? To fix something that’s broken? We’re good with technical stuff.

Ideation and Design

Need to setup your email? Newsletter? Hosting? Online Menu System? To fix something that’s broken? We’re good with technical stuff.

Save time

Need to setup your email? Newsletter? Hosting? Online Menu System? To fix something that’s broken? We’re good with technical stuff.

Jazz it up

We’re the life of the party. We take any concept, any website, any system and we add music, interactivity, animation, video and more. We work with many mediums for amazing results.

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Why choose us?

Our company is laser-focused on giving you the absolute best of everything in one tight cohesive package. We can customize a site to your exact needs, provide hosting, email, domain purchasing and support and update your site after its launched. Our passion is technology and the web. We juggle a variety of technologies from Open Source, to Content Management Systems, to Email Newsletter and Campaign technology. Wherever you want to go with your web presence were there to back you. With Social Networking Strategy and Search Engine Friendly Design.

Best of all we keep it simple, we go as deep and detailed as you’d like or simply handle it. Its up to you. If you know you want to embrace social media, that your site needs a re-design and that you want to be on the WordPress Platform, that’s all we need to get started. But if you like to get hands on with every element of design and functionality and help define your companies goals down to the letter we’ve got you covered.

Here is a list of the technologies and practices we use that help us stand out and deliver amazing, fast and brilliantly beautiful results:

Open source technology

We embrace Open Source Technology to provide free and open solutions to complex problems. Instead of being locked into a rigid system with no way to customize we prefer open platforms that let us tinker and tweak your solution to fit you and your company, to the letter.

Utilizing these technologies insures that not only are you flexible to meet any need, but it keeps costs down and allows you to move freely without being trapped into a particular software. One thing we’ve heard time and time again is We bought this software X years ago and were stuck with it Well make sure it never happens again.

Content management systems

We use CMS systems like Webflow, WordPress, Joomla, Expression Engine and Concrete CMS to deliver sites that arent just a visual marvel but a technological breakthrough.

This allows our clients to manage their own shopping carts, or edit their own content, run their own blog or anything else you can think of, we put the power in your hands. We can do everything from e-commerce, to corporate intranets, to social networks, and anything else you might want.

Best Practices

When it comes to Web Design, to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), to Email Campaigns, and technology in general we follow whats called Best Practices. These are methods that have been heavily researched to provide the best long term ROI and results.

There’s a ton of get-rich-quick schemes out there and people offering you artificial fame for your web presence, but we keep you on the high road that leads to the best results with no false promises.

Stunning Design

Whats all this worth if it doesn’t look great? Whether you’re aiming for something template based and relatively simple, up to a behemoth of a website with all the bells and whistles, we look at Beauty First and Beauty Last.

Your site should be polished, professional and look amazing. We simply don’t do a project without making it aesthetically awesome from start to finish.

Content, Content, Content

One thing you’ll hear when it comes to websites, to Google, to SEO and strategy is that its important to have great content. Content is the text and images that make up the meat of your site. Its what Google grabs onto to identify and rank your site, and its increasingly more important than keywords, meta descriptions and tricks of the trade. Genuine, engaging content is so vital now that we help you with that too.

While some companies have the resources to do this, we offer a variety of training, tips and original content writing. Not everyone is a journalist, blogger or poet at heart.

You need support

Whether you’re a web wizard, a tech savvy surfer, or a social media giant, chances are you have a business to run and cant do everything for your website that it needs. Keeping up with new technology, recognizing stale content, tweaking and improving, that’s our job.

If you want someone to ride alongside your website keeping it relevant were here for that. We utilize the award-winning Zendesk support software to field your requests, updates, questions and keep you totally up to date.

Responsive & Mobile

There’s a big world out there of technology, tablets, phones, smartphones and new form factors being created every month. It can be dizzying to discern what to worry about and what to ignore. We got you covered, we have a variety of mobile solutions and can make sure your site not only looks great, but looks great, everywhere and anytime its viewed on any device.

With a large portion of web traffic shifting to mobile, its more important than ever to have a strategy that covers all the bases.

Proof Tracking & Results

You’ll want to know how were helping you, what were doing to get clicks, the phone ringing, or the inbox full, so to speak. We provide enhanced tracking via Google Analytics and a few tricks of our own to show you exactly how many more customers you’re getting. What your website, social media and brand is looking like in your city, state, or country.

We can help evolve your strategy and process into dominating your niche or genre. You’ll get weekly (or daily or monthly) reports on simple statistics that matter most to you.

Our Mission

There’s a ton of companies out there that want your business, they’ll offer you the cheapest price, the most hits, the most features. Where we stand out is in our Passion. We truly believe in the web, both as a platform and as a way of life.

We're passionate about our clients and our projects. Were detail oriented and obsessed with getting you, not only a solution that works, but a solution that’s PERFECT for your needs.

Why You'll love us

Imagine if you could build a car or a house that was oriented JUST to you and your way of life. Its simply not available to most of us (who aren’t filthy rich already).

We stand out and deserve your business because we will hand-craft a set of technologies and solutions for you and your business. It will do everything you need it to do, and nothing you don’t want it to do. Its worth it to have ONE thing in your life that’s crafted just for you and feels right.

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