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August 27, 2020

SEO & Google Page Speed Optimization

We're always tinkering, pushing and evolving. We look for ways to make your site (and ours) as fast as possible. We use a combination of technologies including

  1. Ludicrous Speed: The absolute fastest Wordpress Hosting services (We use and resell Kinsta)
  2. Photographic Memory: Caching and Code Optimizations (we combine all scripts and minify everything)
  3. Image Perfection: Using a variety of techniques we serve up compressed, optimized and WebP compatible images pre-sized to the correct dimensions for perfect appearance
  4. Sexy Code: Using simple code and minimal themes and overhead we keep everything as clean and fast as possible. While still keeping pages easy to edit for clients.
  5. Secret Sauce: Critical CSS, special techniques, CDN optimization and more make up a bit more of what makes us special. We can't put everything here but we think the results speak for themselves.

The Results:

Here is the latest speed test for our site, would you like us to make yours just as fast? Just contact us and we'll evaluate your site for free!

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