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July 9, 2012

LustGadget Tech Reviews

A Gadget / Gaming / Opinion blog dedicated to bringing a different twist to technology and gadget information. How many times have you lusted after some new gadget or piece of hardware only to find the same stuff over and over again?Everyone covers how many frames per second it does or what it’s theoretical capability is. But if you’re like us, you’d rather have a friend who OWNS that gadget, uses it every day and can give you a clear rundown about what sucks and what rocks about it. We strive to be that friend for you.We review things we use every day and in a real world scenario not a shiny clean room somewhere. We don’t view things as a “Reviewer” but a human being with needs and flaws like the rest of us. Let us tell you what tech we love and hate and why we do from a standpoint that’s just a bit different.

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