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Our company is laser-focused on giving you the absolute best of everything in one tight cohesive package. We can customize a site to your exact needs, provide hosting, email, domain purchasing and support and update your site after its launched. Our passion is technology and the web. We juggle a variety of technologies from Open Source, to Content Management Systems, to Email Newsletter and Campaign technology. Wherever you want to go with your web presence were there to back you. With Social Networking Strategy and Search Engine Friendly Design.

We are ThreeSided Studios.
A creative agency with the best web based solutionsĀ for your small to medium sized business.

Best of all we keep it simple, we go as deep and detailed as you’d like or simply handle it. Its up to you. If you know you want to embrace social media, that your site needs a re-design and that you want to be on the WordPress Platform, thats all we need to get started. But if you like to get hands on with every element of design and functionality and help define your companies goals down to the letter we’ve got you covered.

Our Services


Technical Stuff

Need to setup your email? Newsletter? Hosting? Online Menu System? To fix something that’s broken? We’re good with technical stuff.

Ideation & Design

Need a brand new look? A new website, an overhaul, an update? To stop looking like you’re in the 90’s or make something from scratch? We do that.

Save Time

We can handle as much or as little as you like. We save you time by making things quick and easy for you, your customers, and even ourselves (because who likes extra work?)

Jazz it Up

One of our best traits is that we’re the life of the party. We take any concept, any website, any system and we “Jazz it Up” adding music, interactivity, animation, video and more. We work with many mediums for amazing results.

ThreeSided Studios


Home Office: Hayward, CA


info [at] threesided [dot] com