ThreeSided Studios Bay Area and East Bay - Best Web Design Studio Wed, 10 Jan 2018 22:27:57 +0000 en-US hourly 1 97605960 We Just Launched: Ron Dorris Electric Wed, 09 Sep 2015 21:33:29 +0000 We’re happy, proud, excited, nay – Thrilled; to announce that we have officially launched Ron Dorris Electric.

Ron Dorris Electric came to us with a few interesting challenges. The existing site was built completely on static, outdated HTML structure, despite having upwards of 100 pages of content, not only that but it was search engine optimized and had a ton of sections that needed to be re-created.

We converted them to a fast, fluid and responsive web design that works on mobile devices (iphones etc) – we re-created their content page for page as wordpress ‘posts’ with categories. Which means each section of the site was now represented by a category and each page within that was handled as a blog post. To search engines this is largely the same but for managing and maintaining these dozens of pages this was a massive improvement. Now each section of the site is clearly defined, clearly separated and most importantly, easily updated and maintained.

The re-design is a clear win for Ron Dorris Electric and while embracing modern coding and technologies they also get to simplify their lives, make updates to the site themselves and… it looks great.




Here’s a snippet about what Ron Dorris Electric is about:

A full service electrical contractor serving Sonoma County, Marin County and Napa County. Since 1978 we have been approaching homeowners with the specific intent of creating trust. By consistently performing in a manner that distinguishes us from our competition, we demonstrate our planning expertise, provide the customer service we promise, and prove that our client is the most important member of our business.

Groundwater Pump and Well – Launched! Thu, 09 Jul 2015 01:25:45 +0000 Groundwater Pump & Well has been providing clean water systems with cutting edge residential water solutions to homeowners in California since 1990. Our prompt, courteous service and excellent workmanship has given us a trusted name in the groundwater industry. Whether your current water systems are down, or you need assistance in designing and constructing water systems for a new home, or anything in between, we can do it all and do it well.

We’ve just launched their new site, created on the WordPress Platform. We’ve also integrated our new Newsletter service, allowing them some great new marketing options that weren’t available before. We’ve also gotten their email powered by “Google Apps for Business” giving them all the power of Google & Gmail behind the scenes for their email.

Every facet of the site has been upgraded, new platform, new graphics, now responsive & mobile friendly, new newsletter system, new email system. We were happy to overhaul everything and make it as seamless as possible. We don’t want our business interrupted and we know that you don’t either.

Be sure to check out the new site:


We Just Launched: Uptown Betty’s Fri, 23 May 2014 19:07:44 +0000 The sassy gals at Uptown Betty’s make Hot Rod clothing for the a discerning auto-obsessed clientele. Put simply they make rad clothing and have a very unique style. We’re proud to announce that officially launched their new website ( ) with a lot of fun animation and style you’ll want to check this out. Also in progress is the shopping cart & sales section for this site, where (very soon) you’ll be able to buy your Uptown Betty’s stuff online 🙂 In the meantime, check out their site and enjoy Uptown Betty’s.


We just Launched Tue, 26 Mar 2013 22:38:13 +0000 Joweh RAW is a bellydance troupe helmed by the world-famous TerriAnne. They are local to Sonoma County and they’ve chosen ThreeSided Studios to completely re-invent their web presence. We’ve given them a highly dynamic and animated website with big bold photos, a gallery, a list of their classes and upcoming shows. Best of all, we put the power in THEIR hands with the WordPress platform we’ve given them the much desired ability to update their own site, add their own photos and videos. To keep the world informed of everything Joweh! Go check out their new site here.

Link: The All New JOWEH RAW website 

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Every ThreeSided website includes some top-notch features to make your life easier.

  • WordPress content management system: We make it easy for clients to update their own websites (if you choose to) without requiring and technical knowledge.
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  • Custom Animation: We can provide a variety of animated & slideshow based elements to make your site come alive.
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  • Domain and Hosting: We provide a domain ( and hosting services to keep everything running smoothly for a minimum of ONE year with any website package.

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