Help Desk


You Need Support

We offer 2 kinds of support.

  • While your project or website is being created, we keep you up to date with our Client Portal.
  • When your site is done (or you’re an existing customer) you’ll just want to request updates, fixes or maintenance at our Help Desk.


Client Portal

  • If you have an existing project, here is where you can get all the information about your project, deadlines, to-do lists, files, invoices and even just notes and a place to chat about your project
  • We use A Robust and Clean system for your project, invoices, files, notes etc utilizing “Duet Project Managment”


Help Desk

  • If you have an existing site with us, or your project has been completed, here is where you go to request an update, get help, maintenance and more.
  • A Fast and Easy system for your updates, maintenance, request, and more utilizing “Zendesk” Help Desk